Tuesday, June 16, 2009

old film

Found this on Youtube, excellent stuff: Harold Lloyd and Babe Ruth.

An excellent example of how many things change, but some things always stay the same. Our impression of the crazy taxi drivers seems to have its roots at the very beginning of the automobile. Back then many city buses were double deckers, and one didn't go so far to be in a place considered the country: The Bronx. It looks as though there were very few, if any, traffic lights. More police to maintain some sense of order at these intersections. Trolleys everywhere, more elevated trains. As the cars were fairly modern, no lines in the roads, free for all, a mere suggestion of staying to the right. and we wonder why the streets are so chaotic, this is the root of it.

Locations -
-Times Square
-Maybe Herald Square
-Then 5th Avenue
-Yankee Stadium of course

Then in the horse bit-
-Bowling Greene
-U.S. Customs House
-One Broadway
-Washington Square Park
-The Woolworth Building in the background of Bowling Greene
-Brooklyn Bridge
-Manhattan Bridge behind it
-And I'm guessing the Lower East Side by the docks, which would be Fulton Street?

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