Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Someday this blog will begin

someday, maybe I'll have time to dedicate to this blog. I'll write and map about the history of the city's subway systems, the trolleys, all the infrastructure, and show maps of the progress of development of The city/cities of greater new york. Oh the possibilities and opportunities for education are endless, I can write about the history of the old millionaires of NYC, where the street names come from, the immigration populations, the neighborhood vibes, what's changed, what's stayed constant. The history of the taxi, the buses, the street plans (light patterns, grids, addresses, traffic management), And of course, of course, all the proposals that never came to be, for good, for bad, for the in between, the baseball teams, and i guess all the other sports too. And the run on, and incomplete sentences and sentence fragments. But for now, You'll have to make due with my links on the right side.